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Setup Service Timeout

FineBuild will improve the ability of services to start successfully on a slow server by adjusting the service startup timeout value. The service startup timeout value is only changed if a speed test within FineBuild shows that the server is running slowly.

FineBuild Setup Service Timeout Processing

Automated processing of Setup Service Timeout relates to Process Id 1CA in the FineBuild1Preparation script. Automated processing of Service Timeout configuration will always occur if the server is running slowly.

During the initialisation of FineBuild processing, the amount of time required to process a set number of parameters is captured. If this exceeds the speed test limit time, then the service timeout value is adjusted to be 10% of the time required to process the parameters, with a minimum timeout value of 30 seconds.

SQL FineBuild uses the following parameter to help configure the Service Timeout value:
Parameter Default Value Description
SpeedTest 5.0 Number of seconds allowed for the server Speed Test

If FineBuild does change the service timeout value then it will also schedule a reboot of the server that will be performed before the SQL Server install is started.

Manual Setup Service Timeout Processing

The following steps show what you would have to do to setup Service Timeout manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

For manual Setup Service Timeout processing the user must decide if the server is running slowly and set an appropriate service timeout value.

1) Open the Registry Editor by Start -> Run and type regedit
2) Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
3) If it does not already exist, create a DWORD value called ServicesPipeTimeout
4) Set the value of ServicesPipeTimeout to the required value.

Ensure that Base is set to Decimal. The value is measured in milliseconds, so a value of 30000 relates to 30 seconds (which is the default timeout value in Windows). Do not set the value to less than 30000 or you may prevent critical Windows services from starting.
5) If you have changed the service startup timeout value then you must reboot the server before the SQL Server install is started.

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